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The AFS – Association of Friends of the School – is a Registered Charity (number 511109) that works under a constitution and an elected board of officers. Our accounts are audited annually and are presented at the AGM.

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The AFS is the equivalent of a Parent-teacher association, but uses a broader term so that it can encompass Old Boys, Parents of former boys and any other interested individuals, however, the elected officers are always parents of current boys at the school.

The aims of the AFS are to

  1. Support the school
  2. Increase the interaction between the school and the parents
  3. Increase the community spirit of the school
  4. Raise money for items that the school budget does not cover

Not only do we provide the catering for the many school events, but also have an active role in fundraising as you have hopefully seen from the rest of the website. All the money that we raise goes to the school to support events, purchase items or as bursaries for individual boys extraordinary activities. The AFS contributes towards the personal accident insurance that the school holds, pays for The Chronicle- the school magazine- and some school prizes.

School club has been a fundraising stream that has been administered by the school asking for support towards items such as minibus trips and the wealth of non curricular activities that the school provides.

In 2011 we agreed with the school that we should move away from the previous single fee membership for the AFS and annual School Club payment requests from school. We agreed to ask all parents to give a regular smaller amount, perhaps £5 monthly via the website www.charitygiving.co.uk and charity AFS KECH which aims to reduce the confusion of 2 separate systems, allow regular standing order contributions that the school have previously been unable to accept and, most beneficially, allow for the amounts to be given under the Gift Aid system, thus increasing the value of each donation to the school.

We would like to consider all parents to be members of the AFS, and have also worked out that if every parent gave one hour of their time during their sons entire school career, we would easily cover every single hour of volunteer time. We don’t think an hour in 7 years is much to ask. Do you?

If you have any questions about the role of the AFS, the administration of the charity or about the school that we, as parents, can answer, please get in touch. We would welcome every parent to the AFS meetings.

Please see our latest annual Chair report.


chair report 2015 summer copy


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