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You are invited to be part of the AFS 100 club

The 100 Club has been running for many years, with lots of parents subscribing and winning money but it has not been widely advertised to new parents for a long time.

Now is your opportunity to join!

For a mere £1 per month you will get a specially chosen number. Your number will then be included in a draw 4 times a year – usually at the AFS meetings and you will have the chance to win one of 3 prizes each time which have previously been as large as £150.

There is no limit to how many numbers you can subscribe for each month, obviously the more you own, the greater the chance of winning. All we ask is that you subscribe for each number a year at a time (£12 per number).

The prize money will no longer be fixed, but will be variable depending on how many people are subscribing, so it really could become quite substantial!

As with all AFS activity, the aim is to raise money for the school so that our boys can enjoy even better facilities or opportunities than the school is already providing. With this aim in mind, 50% of the subscription will benefit the school and the boys and 50% will be given as prize money (1st prize 25% of the income, 2nd prize 15%, 3rd prize 10%).

We do hope that this is something that you could support the AFS and the School by subscribing to. If it is, please complete the attached subscription form and either email or send it to us through the AFS School liaison officer –


If you have any questions about the 100 Club or the work of the AFS, please get in contact.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the 100 Club.

Application and standing order form

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