The Association of Friends of the School – Autumn 2016

Dear Parents

Welcome to KECH BOYS AFS – The Association of Friends of the School

The Association of the friends of the school is entirely a voluntary organisation which is a registered charity (511109) that works under an agreed constitution. It is made up of parents with current boys, a few amazingly dedicated parents of ex-pupils and a few staff members. There is no committee as such to join, all parents become members by default when their son joins the school and can help out whenever they are able to. AFS has a multi-faceted role and our main aims are serving the following three distinct roles:

  • To support the school with events and functions that the pupils and staff hold, such as concerts, plays, some presentation evenings, sports day
  • To increase the interaction between the parents and the school, enhancing the community spirit of the school
  • To raise money for the increasing list of non-budgetary items

There are many ways in which parents can support the AFS, either by offering valuable time at the different events (see Upcoming Events) or by providing financial support.

AFS raises money for the school and our boys, who benefit greatly within the Camp Hill family. AFS has facilitated the purchase of two new mini buses a few years ago through the fantastic support it has received which proved to be of great benefit. Thank you! We also have payed for the printing of the Chronicle magazine, GPS Unit, DSLR Camera, Rugby tour trophies, Special stopwatches, ipad, Start-up costs and buying of equipment for the newly established and long awaited Duke of Edinburgh. In addition, AFS has funded a number of bursaries aiding the boys to partake in individual challenges and projects.

We actively encourage the teaching staff to approach us where they see a need for a particular department which cannot be met within the school budget.

This could not have been possible without the great support received by YOU – the parents!

Please think about how you could support the AFS. It may be that your son is new to the school and you are keen to get involved; it may also be that you have not previously been aware of the AFS or the vital importance of its role for your son. Either way, we would love to hear from you or see you at the meeting (every half-term); you do not need to reply, just turn up to support us. The meeting will include an update on school news and developments from Mr Garrod. The agenda is always circulated to all parents before the meeting, so you know what to expect at the meeting.

Please consider registering with to support “A F S KECH” (the spaces are important!), thus every time you shop on the internet through all of the major retailers, including Amazon, a small amount is donated to the school without you paying a penny more.

You can also support by means of the extra-curricular funds, which was set up four years ago. This is by way of the standing order forms (available from the school office); it would be greatly appreciated if you were able to make a monthly contribution, however small. As a charity, we can claim back gift aid on these donations.

As usual, please have a look at our website or contact me with any questions or comments about the AFS or the work we do. I am more than happy to answer any queries as I genuinely wish to see as many parents as possible understand and support our role. I look forward to another successful AFS term and working alongside you at the different events.

Finally please don’t forget the AFS 100 club – a way of being in for a chance to win a large cash prize for a paltry £1 per month subscription. Full details are available using the link above.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Best Wishes
Safina Kusar-Ahmed
AFS Chair

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